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>  Youtech’s Successful Exhibit at 2019 Asian Utility Week


We are thrilled to announce that Youtech US Inc has successfully exhibited at 2019 Asian Utility Week。 We appreciate all the visitors to our booth, who showed great interest in our product offerings with their questions and comments。


As a reliable supplier with a proven solution for enhancing the operations security and safety of power generation, transmission, and distribution, Youtech continues to gain recognition for its innovative technology at the 2019 Asian Utility Week。 During the show, we presented our Smart Interlock System (SIS) and the Smart Lock System (SLS)。 Installed and operating at over 38000 locations worldwide, the SIS provides a comprehensive switching safety solution to reduce and eliminate human errors when performing critical switching steps。 The SLS offers an innovative and cost-effective way to upgrade all traditional mechanical locks with managed digital smart locks。 Visitors were impressed with the product offerings and the knowledge and experience of Youtech employees and the local distributor who tended the booth and presented at the GridEdg Knowledge Hub。


Thanks again for visiting us at the 2019 Asian Utility Week. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.


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